$15 all pastas take away

Bella Bambina Chantarelle Gnocchi- homemade gnocchi with wild

mushrooms in a creamy or tomato sauce                                                     $26.50


Smoked salmon penne – pan-fried with white wine, garlic, spinach

in a creamy sauce                                                                                         $26.50


Egg fettuccini carbonara with pancetta, parmesan, Italian parsley in

a creamy sauce                                                                                             $25.50


Smoked sausage penne pasta– homemade smoked sausages, sundried

tomatoes fried with mushrooms, onion in a creamy or tomato sauce          $25.50


Chicken &mushroom fettuccini – chicken and wild mushrooms in

tomato or creamy sauce                                                                               $25.50


Spaghetti Bolognese-traditional Italian ground beef & tomato sauce         $25.50


Frutti de Mare –mixed fresh seafood of the day in a napolitana sauce       $26.50


Prawn and sausage risotto – pan- fried prawns and sausage   in

a creamy or tomato sauce                                                                             $25.50


Lasagna Al Forno – made in traditional way                                               $25.50


Gluten free pasta is also available on request                                              $27.50