Kebapi- char grilled traditional Macedonian homemade sausages served with mixed vegetables, potato, ajvar, bread& garlic dip



Mixed Grill – homemade smoked sausage, chicken bacon raznic, kebapi

 s/w vegetables, potato, ajvar, bread and garlic dip



Chicken& Bacon Raznici-char grilled on skewers served with vegetables

& potato



Stinco Alforno- oven baked pork shank s/w seasonal vegetables and




Scaloppini Al Marsala -white veal with mushrooms in a Marsala creamy sauce s/w seasonal vegetables and  baked potato




Polo Marsala- chicken breast with mushrooms in Marsala creamy sauce served with seasonal vegetables and baked potato



Aged grass-fed char-grilled scotch fillet with mushroom/pepper sauce served with mixed vegetables & baked potato



Slow roasted duck – braised half a duck with onion, carrot, garlic,

orange, tomato and red wine s/w  vegetables and baked potato



Classic Pollo parmigiana -crumbed chicken breast slightly baked with mozzarella cheeses served with seasonal vegetables and baked potato                                                                                        $29.50


Becka Schnitzel–crumbed veal schnitzel s/w baked potato &




Cioppino- fresh mixed seafood of the day cooked with garlic, celery,

onion and wine in Napolitano sauce



Lamb shank- braised with white wine slow cooked with onion,garlic,

Italian herbs and s/w bake potato & vegetables



Salmon Tarragon – pan – fried salmon with spinach, garlic &

 white wine s/w vegetables and baked

 potato $32.50